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Applied yogic technology to live happier, heal your life, overcome trauma, build self resilience and find inner strength.

popular on demand programs

40 Days of Mental Health Yoga

This series of practices are perfect when you feel anxiety, depression, and struggling to keep it all together… 

Yoga For Self Confidence

Use this practice when you want to overcome self-doubt, negative self-talk, and feelings of unworthiness. 

Yoga for Remote Workers

When you are working at a desk for long hours, use this practice to release lower back tension and work stress-related.

Yoga to Boost Your Immune System

Come here when you feel fatigued, stressed and you are ready to reset your immune system

courses, live and on replay

Yoga for Trauma Release

Release the trauma from the body with some effective somatic and gentle practices.

Master Program in Mind and Body Detox

Detoxify your mind from negative energies and purify your body from unwanted toxins.

Yoga for Auto Immune and Chronic Disease

This practice targets your immune and glandular system to help you deal with the emotional causes of the autoimmune disease

Moon Yoga

Align to the lunar cycle to reset your 10 bodies and unload your subconscious mind with the help of the moon and the elements.

Our mission is

awakening your inner light

The Kundalini Yoga Medicine approach works along with somatic bodywork, sound healing, and pranayama to create a profound change in your life and assist you in your self-healing process.

Every class, every movement is designed to help you release trauma, ancestral memories and unlock your full potential to live your Soul purpose.

The classes are designed and tailored for your needs to maximize the benefits of this therapeutic practice.

about me
Hi there, I'm daniela!

My yoga journey started several years ago when I was looking for something that could help me deal with stress, trauma, and a severe health condition.

Kundalini Yoga Medicine approach comes to life from a synergetic union of different practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Rebirthing, Somatic Therapy, NLP, Tibetan meditation, Vipassana, to name a few.

More than these practices, the guidance of Master Plants and Kambo has helped me in my own personal journey and bringing this new method to light.

With Kundalini Yoga Medicine, we reconnect to Spirit through releasing trauma and energy blockages within the body. We also clean the body with Kriya that is specifically designed to re-activate and boost your immune system and lymphatic system. Once that body and mind are clear and the emotional body softens, we are ready to experience union and connection to Self in our day-to-day life.

Whether you are trying to integrate your psychedelic journey, or achieving a deeper cleanse through Kambo, or looking for support to move through life, we got you covered!

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why kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. 

This ancient technology activates our inner Healer and it releases the grip of neurotic thoughts. This allows us to open our hearts to a new way of life with infinite possibilities.

shine your radiance

Release trauma, expand your aura, and become radiant to attract love, light, and abundance into your life. 

Mental health

Strengthen your nervous system and clear the blockages of fear, limitation, and insecurities from the unconscious.

Anxiety relief

Bring balance into your mind and find a safe place within yourself anytime, and anywhere.


Release old patterns of self-judgment and criticism to finally connect to your intuition and your inner guidance.


Nurturing the inner divine connection within your soul, and use your radiance to overcome any fear.

strength and resilience

Find that capacity within yourself to overcome challenges and welcome the unknown to live a new fulfilling life.


Through presence, breathwork and mindfulness, find the divine connection within and fully realize your purpose.

Phychedelic integration

Integrate your altered state of consciousness experience into your everyday life and expand the bliss into every moment.

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Yoga Studio Like No Others!

“Aliquam faucibus scelerisque odio aliquet platea scelerisque in metus nunc nunc nisl lacus, nec dignissim et, ultricies vitae suspendisse massa egestas velit in massa eget nulla pharetra tortor sagittis sagittis massa nec.”
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