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Emotional Health

Why Boundaries Are Important

Setting healthy boundaries is the key to establishing mutually respectful relationships. Not being able to set clear personal boundaries can lead to issues like low self-esteem, insecurity, fear of criticism, and always needing approval from others.

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Personal Practice

What Does Yoga Help You With?

What Does Yoga Help You With? Yoga is an ancient form of mind and body practice that is widely popular worldwide because of its countless health benefits. Whether you are suffering from joint pain, insomnia, obesity, or even high stress, yoga can be your one-stop solution.  There are many modern variations of yoga, including Kundalini

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Physical Health

Kundalini Yoga For The Endocrine System

Kundalini Yoga for the Endocrine System Yoga is certainly known for effectively improving your body. Performing certain poses and yoga sequences can help with flexibility, strength, and balance. The yoga practice can go beyond improving your physical appearance. You can discover and experience deeper healing and biological improvements, too. Kundalini Yoga is known to enhance

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Mental Health

Kundalini Yoga for Depression & Anxiety

Kundalini Yoga for Depression & Anxiety Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yoga practice that combines asana (yoga postures), breath work (Pranayama), and meditation that can help with making significant transformations in your life. This form of yoga, initially introduced to the western culture in the late 1970s by Yogi Bhajan, is quite accessible to all

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Upcoming Programs

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Yoga for a Radiant Body

A powerful 10th body makes you courageous and radiant. You project royalty and grace, both in how you act and how you present yourself.


Yoga for Vulnerability

Learn the power of being open, vulnerable and courageously yourself. 


Yoga for Grief

Practices to help you move through sadness, grief and loss. 


Infinite Grace

Explore immense grace and the power of being a woman.


Sun & Moon Yoga

Connect to the energy of the moon and sun and recharge your body and life.


Mantra Yoga

A subtle and powerful yogic technology to activate the Human sensory system and relieving stress.


Breath for Life

A pranayama course to share the bliss of Prana and breath life fully!


Sexuality / Sensuality

From the ancient yogic teaching, practices to heal your sexuality and your relationships.

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