Why Boundaries Are Important

Setting healthy boundaries is the key to establishing mutually respectful relationships. Not being able to set clear personal boundaries can lead to issues like low self-esteem, insecurity, fear of criticism, and always needing approval from others. 

If you are often made uncomfortable by the people around you, it may be time to set some limits or reset your personal boundaries to a more secure level.

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What Are Boundaries in A Relationship?

The phrase ‘boundaries’ might sound like putting up sidewalls around your with keeps you away from loved ones. But that’s not the reality. If anything, boundaries ensure healthier relationships healthier by reducing conflicts.

Personal boundaries refer to some guidelines, rules, or limits that you create with other people to establish how you want to be treated. It gives the people around you an idea about how they can behave with you, what is right to say or do, and what isn’t. This simple strategy positively affects your interpersonal relationships and encourages self-care, compassion, and kindness to yourself. 

One example of setting healthy boundaries can be declining physical contact with a coworker. Also, you can make it clear that making unreasonable demands on your time or emotions is not appreciated. 

Types of Boundaries

 Boundaries, like clothing, aren’t one size fits all. It varies from person to person depending on the personality and past experiences. You can create boundaries for your parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues, or even your partner. Boundaries can be of different types and for different reasons. 

For instance, you can set boundaries about —

  • Personal space
  • Work 
  • Emotions
  • Privacy
  • Finances
  • Emotions
  • Time and energy
  • Intimacy and sexuality
  • Religion and ethics

Why Setting Boundaries Are Important

Do you remember struggling to say “no” to things that you are not really interested in? This happens due to weak boundaries. Over time this people-pleasing tendency leads to low self-esteem, stress, and even depression. When certain boundaries are established and your privacy is respected, you are more likely to feel appreciated for who you are. But most of all, you will not be not taken for granted by either your work colleagues, friends or loved ones. 

The Benefits of Healthy Boundaries

If you are a caring person, setting boundaries might not be an easy job. But once you manage to prioritize yourself and set some boundaries, the rewards will follow. Some of the benefits you can enjoy from setting boundaries are—

  • Improved mental and emotional health
  • Less scope for future conflicts and resentment.
  • Physical and emotional space is protected from intrusion
  • Less anger and resentment.
  • More compassion and Greater assertiveness
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Sense of validation, peace, and safety
  • Developed identity and self-respect
  • Improved communication
  • Stronger relationship
  • Increased positivity and focus 
  • You learn to respect other people’s boundaries while still considering your own.
  • More time and energy to pursue the things that bring joy to your mind.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, there are plenty of advantages you will enjoy just by establishing healthy binderies. If you are new to this, start by Identifying what behaviors you consider acceptable and unacceptable in your relationship with others. 

Then practice saying “no” to things that you don’t approve of and better communicate your feelings, likes, and dislikes. 

As you become more aware and gain more confidence in setting personal boundaries you can adjust the course of your relationships to be treated more respectfully.

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