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Kundalini Yoga for the Endocrine System

Yoga is certainly known for effectively improving your body. Performing certain poses and yoga sequences can help with flexibility, strength, and balance. The yoga practice can go beyond improving your physical appearance. You can discover and experience deeper healing and biological improvements, too. Kundalini Yoga is known to enhance hormonal balance that affects functions like metabolism, mood, and physical growth.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that is said to cultivate energy within your system that rests dormant in the base of the spine. When activated through various yogic exercises, it can manifest power and healing throughout your entire body clearing blocked energy centers. Specifically, breath work (Pranayama), movement (Asana), chanting, kriyas, and meditation are the components of Kundalini Yoga that create these physical and energetic shifts. When practiced consistently, Kundalini Yoga stimulates and encourages balance, particularly in the endocrine system.

What Is the Endocrine System?

The endocrine system can be thought of as a “messenger system” for the body. It is composed of glands that produce hormones that travel in your bloodstream throughout the body.  Some of the most important glands are the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, and adrenal glands. The endocrine system is key to regulating how much of the necessary hormones are released into the bloodstream. These hormones control your mood, metabolism, your vital organs, reproduction, and physical growth. When the regulation of these hormonal releases is out of balance, it can lead to physical disruptions like high blood pressure, indigestion, decrease in energy, reproductive problems, and other health issues.

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How Can Kundalini Yoga Help?

Kundalini Yoga has been scientifically proven to directly target your endocrine system producing hormonal harmony for improved bodily functions. This is done through a set of Kundalini kriyas. These are a collection of movements, breathing, and chanting done in a rhythmic fashion to generate balance in the body. Here is an example of a Kundalini Yoga kriya that can effectively reduce the “fight or flight” stress response controlled by the secretion of adrenaline into your bloodstream.

A Quick Asana to Reboot Your Kidneys

Sit comfortably in an upright chair or on some cushions on the floor. Clasp both hands behind your head. Make sure you keep your elbows pointing outward. Take a full breath in and as you exhale, quickly twist your upper body to the right. As you inhale, twist to the left. Continue this breathing and rotating action for increments of 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds taking a break in between each round. This twisting exercise massages the kidneys and your adrenal glands which can help with hormonal balance.

This is just one of many Kundalini exercises you can practice to help awaken the energetic bodies. They are essential in creating the free flow of natural and healing energy throughout the body while producing greater well-being and an expanded state of consciousness.

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