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40 Days Mental Health

This series of practices are perfect when you feel anxiety, depression, and struggling to keep it all together… 

Yoga for Self Confidence

Release old pattern of uncertainty, self doubt and self sabotage and rediscover your innate self confidence.

Yoga for Remote Workers

This practice will help you release the stress and tension that is accumulating from sitting at the desk for long hours.

Yoga for Hormonal Balance

When you are feeling fatigued and moody, your hormones might be out of balance. Come to this practice to return to your center.

Yoga to Boost Your Immune System

Strengthen and revitalize your immune system to invite higher frequencies into your life.

Yoga for Prosperity

Clear your aura and let your inner light shine from within to attract all the love, light, health and wealth that you deserve.

Yoga to Build Grit & Resilience

This course will help you building grit and resilience and nurturing your inner strength and clarity to overcome any challenge in your life.

Yoga for Creativity

Whenever you are feeling blocked, stuck, and lack inspiration, this yoga collection will help you find the clarity that you need to reconnect to your Creativity.

Yoga for Emotional Challenges

Come back to this practice anytime you feel overwhelmed, tired, hopeless. You will remember the path to your inner guidance.

20 Days of Anxiety Relief Yoga

This course will provide you effective tools to relieve anxiety and stress from your physical and subtle bodies and find ease in your every day life.

Yoga to Align Your Chackras

Venture into a journey to align and energize your chakras and discover the higher consciousness of these energy centers.

Yoga for Back Pain

Uncover the root of your discomfort and pain in the body by releasing the energy and emotions that are holding you back.

Specialised LIVE programs

Group Programs, Live and on Replay

Yoga for Trauma Release

Release trauma from your body and heal the past wounds nurturing self love, self compassion and growth.

Master Program in Mind and Body Detox

Detoxify your mind from negative energies and purify your body from unwanted toxins.

Yoga for Auto Immune & Chronic Disaease

This practice targets your immune and glandular systems to help you deal with the emotional causes of the autoimmune disease.

Moon Yoga
Align to the lunar cycle to reset your 10 bodies and unload your subconscious mind with the help of the moon and the elements.
Yoga for Intuition

Learn to tune in to your inner guidance and trust your self and your intuition.

Yoga for Addictions Recovery

This yoga practice is tailored to support you through your personal journey of recovery from any type of addiction.

Yoga For Life

Yoga is the path of union and reconnection of your mind and body to Spirit.

Upcoming Programs

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Yoga for a Radiant Body

A powerful 10th body makes you courageous and radiant. You project royalty and grace, both in how you act and how you present yourself. 


Yoga for Vulnerability

Learn the power of being open, vulnerable and courageously yourself. 


Yoga for Grief

Practices to help you move through sadness, grief and loss. 


Infinite Grace

Explore immense grace and the power of being a woman.


Sun & Moon Yoga

Connect to the energy of the moon and sun and recharge your body and life.


Mantra Yoga

A subtle and powerful yogic technology to activate the Human sensory system and relieving stress.


Breath for Life

A pranayama course to share the bliss of Prana and breath life fully!


Sexuality / Sensuality

From the ancient yogic teaching, practices to heal your sexuality and your relationships.

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